Bracees - embrace your braces
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For Dentists

Wholesale Bracees for Dental Offices

Your office can provide patients with an alternative to dental wax.

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A word from Dr. Sy

Fellow Dentists,

I invented this product to change the way kids think about braces; it will make them more excited about their treatment and they will also want to take care of their braces and their teeth while in braces.  Bracees are made of the same FDA-approved rubber materials as the other products that we use in orthodontics. I worked with a dental device manufacturer to create the design so they just slide up onto the bracket and snap on.  Bracees will let kids decorate their braces and also help protect their gum tissues from cuts and sores. Ultimately, you can replace dental wax with Bracees. It's pretty simple and easy. I think your patients will love them.

- Dr Sy Viet Nguyen, DDS