Bracees - embrace your braces
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For Parents

Your child can embrace their braces

Bracees are made in the USA with FDA-approved materials, meant to attach to the brackets of your child's orthodontic braces. 

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For many children in today's culture, braces can hinder self-confidence. We at Bracees want to see culture's perception of braces change to be more positive and affirming. The use of self-expression through Bracees can help your child navigate the time period during which they receive orthodontic treatment with a positive outlook, personalized style, and a better solution than oral wax to protect cheek from cuts and sores. 


[Style] is self-knowledge and self-confidence expressed through what you choose to wear, a life-affirming expression of your character and spirit.

-Psychology Today


A note from Dr. Sy


To help your child through their journey with braces, I invented Bracees. Your son or daughter can decorate their braces with these cheek-protecting units, just like charms. It's something fun and exciting for them to embrace while wearing braces. Bracees are made in the USA from the same materials as the rubber-bands we use with orthodontic treatments. They're very safe and easy to use. They just slide up onto the wire and bracket and snap into place. Your child can also use them to protect their gums from the brackets and wires, which often cause painful sores on cheeks and gums. By purchasing Bracees, you're protecting your child's mouth while allowing them to style their smile with self expression and fun.

- Dr. Sy Viet Nguyen, DDS